Understanding The Scriptures

Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures (Luke 24:45).

Many read the Bible but don’t understand  the  message of the Scriptures. The Bible contains the Word of God. It’s God’s testimony on what He said, what men said, what the devils said, what angels said, and what Jesus said. This means everything therein must be understood as to who’s talking and what the context of their speech or writing entails. It’s God’s testimony on the origin, life and destiny of man, spirits and their environments. For example, in studying the Bible about the
early Church in the New Testament, it’s important to notice the period of growth that the early Church went through. The disciples didn’t know everything at once
in the early Church. When you study the first fifteen chapters of the book of Acts, the Church at the time didn’t quite believe that the non-Jews were supposed
to be in Christ. It was in the fifteenth chapter that they had a debate, a serious one, and Peter had to explain it to them, while James supported with scripture
references (Acts 15:6-29). Therefore, when you’re studying the Bible, you
should understand the thinking and culture of the people and writer at the time of writing. For instance, some of the teachings of Jesus in Matthew, Mark,
Luke and John weren’t meant for the new creation. Some of those teachings aren’t for Christians to live by; they were for the Jewish mind; not for those who
have received eternal life. He said to His disciples on one occasion, “How come you don’t have any faith?”(Mark 4:40). You can’t read that and think to yourself,
“O, perhaps the reason things aren’t working out for me is that I don’t have any faith.” That’ll be a wrong assumption  because there’s no Christian who doesn’t have faith. The Bible says, “…God hath dealt to every
man the measure of faith” (Romans 12:3). It was possible for those that lived under the Old Testament to not have any faith, because they weren’t born again.
They were people of the senses, who lived under the Law, and faith isn’t of the senses but of the Spirit. But
everyone among us in Christ was given the measure of faith.Study the Scriptures  with spiritual understanding
and you’ll have a deeper insight into the past, present and future of God’s plans and purpose for the Church, for you, and for the world.


Dear Father, thank you for
granting me an understanding
of the Scriptures and making me
wise unto salvation through faith
in Christ Jesus. I’m so privileged
to be graced with the ability to
understand the mysteries of the
Kingdom. Thank you, precious
Holy Spirit, for teaching me all
things, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Further study

Matthew 13:11; John 14:26


Ezekiel 33-34
1 Peter 4


Revelation 1:1-20
Hosea 3-4

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