The Power Of True Worship

And there I will meet with the children of Israel, and the tabernacle  shall be sanctified by my glory (Exodus 29:43).

In worship, God talks to us. As you minister to Him,He ministers to your spirit as well. Heaven is never silent  on the worshipper. When you need direction, guidance or  a supernatural intervention, worship the Lord. In Acts
13:1-2, the Bible says, “ …as they ministered  to the Lord and fasted, the Holy Ghost said…” letting us know that the power of  God’s Spirit is manifested in an atmosphere of true worship.True worship isn’t the casual rendition of your favourite Christian  tunes; it’s the lifting of your heart and hands to the  Lord, in reverence of His awesome majesty. It involves making  confessions to His Name on the basis of who He is, in
line with the revelation of His personality  in the Word.The Lord Jesus, in John 4:23, outlines true worship as
that which is done in spirit and in truth; meaning that you’reto worship the Father from your spirit and according to His word. For example, His Word says, “...and the lifting up of my hands  be as the evening sacrifice” (Psalm 141:2); that means one  of the ways of effective worship is to lift your hands to the  Lord. There’s something deeply spiritual and powerful in lifting  your hands to the Lord in worship; you’re offering to Him a sacrifice of sweet smelling savour.As you sing and bless His Name, lift your hands to Him  as well, and focus on Him. Soon enough, you’ll be enraptured  in the warmth of His love and the glory of His
divine presence. Do this often; not only when you’re in church, but in your room, car, office—everywhere and anywhere!
Recall what the Lord said to the children of Israel in our  opening verse; He was referring to the place of worship.That’s where He meets you, and opens your eyes  to see in the  spirit and helps you receive the divine touch you need for
your next level of glory. Hallelujah!

Dear Father, I lift my holy hands
to you even now, in love,
appreciation and worship! You’ve
made my life glorious; you’ve
made my path straight; you’ve
made my destiny one of
greatness and never-ending
victories and possibilities; for
these, I praise your holy Name
and extol your majesty. Thank
you for your presence and glory
in my life, in Jesus’ Name. Amen

Revelation 3:7-22
Hosea 7-10

Revelation 11:11-19
Jonah 3-4

1 Timothy 2:8
John 4:23-24
Philippians 3:3

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